Hello! Today we will determine the best cities to visit in Italy one by one with you. I have been to Italy more than 15 times in total for you and lived in the city of Brescia in Northern Italy for 1 year, and I am only 25 years old!

With all these experiences, I say “città più belle d’italia” ? that is, I will list the most beautiful cities to visit in Italy with 2022 trends as a local Lombardian for those who say “where to go and where to visit in Italy”. This list has only the best, most beautiful cities and places to visit in Italy!

20 Best Cities to Visit in Italy

1. Trieste

I know you thought you’d see the classics first ? But this is Gorgeous Way Blog!

Trieste is one of the most special cities in Italy, in my eyes it is where Italy begins.Trieste is located at the far north eastern tip of Italy, on the border of Slovenia and Croatia. So you add the Adriatic to the beautiful historical atmosphere of Italy, here is Trieste!

Trieste is both a seaside town and a large port city. It is also a historical center. Those who are going to visit Italy should definitely visit Trieste.

Italy Starts Here! Trieste is One of the Best Places to Visit in Italy

2. Venice

Since we started in north eastern Italy, let’s continue with Veneto, let me introduce Venice!

It is impossible to write two or three paragraph for Venice. I’ve been to Venice many times but I still haven’t been able to finish my travel notes ? Venice is one of the most beautiful places to visit not only in Italy but all over the world, such a treasure…

I say Venice is a treasure! Because in Venice, each canal, street, corner and season has a different story to tell! A flooded San Marco or a Grand Canal with art galleries on a sunny day…

Venice Means Gondolas 🙂

3. Turin

I don’t know if it’s because I’m from Northern Italy, I’m continuing from the north again ?

Turin is undoubtedly one of the must-see places in Italy. In the days I lived in Brescia, I got on a high-speed train and arrived in 2 hours. Although Turin is generally overshadowed by Milan, it seems to me that Milan look alike Turin.

An impression of Italy is unthinkable without seeing Turin with its imposing buildings and special northern architecture. Let me add that Aperitivo is also based in Turin ?

I’m in Torino! One of the Most Beautiful Places to Visit in Northern Italy

4. Monopoli

“Gorkem, wasn’t this a game?”

When I first heard the name Monopoli, like you, it brought to my mind the famous Monopoli game, and in reality it is a city like a game scene ? This is Italy’s wonderland!

Monopoli is a city in Puglia which is one of my favorite provinces in Italy. This place stands out with its wonderful beach, nature and history. This is a small town, but it has such a beautiful sea, beaches and atmospheric environment….Just look at the photos!

Monopoli Is Absolutely Awesome! / Puglia, Italy

5. Napoli

Naples is perhaps one of the most famous cities in Italy. Travelers usually go to Milan and Rome, but they also know Naples ? You probably know but you haven’t been, then go to Naples!

In addition to being one of the most beautiful places to visit in Italy, Naples also has a special culture, this is Southern Italy…

Naples is not only the city of Mount Vesuvius, Pompeii, the Amalfi Coast, but also the beautiful stone oven pizzas. In Naples, the warm people of the Mediterranean and the lively rhythm of the city put you in a different mood. In short, those who do not go to Naples lose a lot…

There are Many Places to Visit in the Secret Streets of Naples! / Naples, One of the Cities to Visit in Southern Italy

6. Verona

Let’s say the city of Romeo and Juliet!

Verona is one of the most overlooked cities in Italy. And also, one of the most beautiful cities in Italy from my side. ?

Verona is a must-see city with its wonderful northern architecture, bridges and streets full of love. Venice and Milan are for sure in your trips in Italy, then you will also pass through Verona. See Verona Porta Nuova on the train and get off…

Verona with My Brother 🙂 / He Came to Italy to See Me

7. Rome

Rome, Rome, Rome…

Rome is such a city that if I go 100 times, I would like to go again. There were some cities that shaped the world, for example in Istanbul, Athens, you can feel yourself thousands of years ago, just like in Rome!

Rome is both a big metropolis and a historical city that still preserves its old authentic atmosphere… Just because you’ve been to Rome once, don’t take it off your route on your second trip to Italy, visit, explore, discover again!

In front of the Colosseum which is the Most Important Place to Visit in Rome / Rome, Lazio, Italy

8. Florence

We continue from the legends ?

I know, I am describing all the cities of Italy as if it were the most beautiful! But the truth is, all the cities in Italy are beautiful. But if you ask to me, “whichever is the most special one”, I would say Florence

If you walk around Florence as if there is this church, that castle, you won’t find anything. Florence is the city of renaissance, rebirth, art. Go to the Ponte Vecchio on the Arno River and feel the air.

During the coronavirus period, I was able to visit the tourist-free Florence where there were no tourists ? It was a great experience, i was the only one!

From Michelangelo, Florence, Italy

9. Pisa

Generally, they only go to see the Leaning Tower of Pisa ? This must be the bad luck of this city!

Let’s break this taboo together… The city of Pisa is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Italy, not only with the Leaning Tower of Pisa, but also with the city atmosphere in general and the Arno River that goes to Florence city.

Pisa, Italy

10. Milan

Milan is a city with a long history for me. I didn’t think of Milan among the beautiful cities for a long time. I still can’t say it’s the most beautiful city ? But when I lived in Brescia, next to Milan, for 1 year, I came and became a Lombardian!

And I love Milan now! Because I understood Milan…

If you look at Milan not only with its places to visit, but also with the rhythm, vividness, fashion and style of the city, you can understand how special this place is. Go to Milan and listen to the city, then you will love it.

My Father and I Have a Pleasant Conversation on Italian Neoclassicism 🙂 From Milan

11. Lecco

Now, let Gorkem’s special cities from Lombardy come!

You all more or less know about Lake Como. But there are a lot of small cities around this lake. I think one of the most beautiful of these is Lecco!

When we were forbidden to leave Lombardy for a while during the coronavirus, I almost did not leave a place to visit in Northern Italy i went everyplace 🙂 . Lecco is one of the most beautiful towns I’ve discovered. A fabulous lakeside, wonderful nature, wonderful Italian-style houses… Getting to Lecco is also very easy from Milan, you won’t regret, lets try Lecco!

Lecco Centrale Station

12. Bologna

When direct flights started from Istanbul to Bologna, I found cheap tickets and went a lot, partly because this city is little known in Turkey ? Bologna is a special Italian city that really meets expectations.

Bologna is neither too pretentious nor too plain… It is not possible to return from Italy without visiting Bologna for 1-2 days. Bologna is also very close to a city like Modena which is the beautiful sweet city where Ferrari was founded.

Bologna, Italy / @Petr Slováček

13. Cremona

I told you northern Italian cities are a bit favored!

But Cremona is truly a legendary city ? When there are so many places to visit in Italy, no one even thinks about Cremona. But this place may be home to the most beautiful cathedral I’ve ever seen in Italy! Those who are enchanted by seeing Milan Duomo should come to Cremona and have a look!

Cremona is also the city of violins! A city of music where world-famous violin brands come out and produce…

Hey Cremona! You Are One Of The Most Beautiful Cities I’ve Ever Seen In Italy

14. Palermo

Those who do not know Italy thinks this country as a single whole. But there is such a different thing as Sicily!

Sicily is a special city, just as Goethe said. “To see Italy without seeing Sicily is to not see Italy at all” Yes, the secret of everything is here. Sicilians are quite similar to other Mediterranean societies as a true Mediterranean.

Palermo has become a brand with the Godfather movie, mafias and otger movies. Today, this place carries both the mafia details and the special baroque architecture of Sicily.. It also has a beach… What if I say Mondello?

Palermo Italy / @Michele Bitetto

15. Taormina

It is impossible to finish the Sicily with a one city!

There is a fact called Taormina ? This is an Italian town on the hills of Etna, on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. Even the Italians attribute a very special meaning to this city. So Taormina should definitely not overlooked…

16. Iseo

We are making a list of best cities to visit in Italy and we need some differences. Nobody knows, but Italy is also a country of lakes. Should I say Garda, Como or Iseo?

Yes, I’m from Brescia, of course, i choose Iseo!

The city of Iseo, on the shore of Lake Iseo, is one of the most enjoyable spots I recommend to see in Italy. Lake Iseo is a wonderful natural place right next to the Italian Alps. Since it is in the middle of steep slopes, it also hosts a wonderful view. There are also lots of hiking and biking trails around Iseo.

Iseo, Italy / Absolutely Fantastic!

17. Bari

Always southern italy is more familiar to me. But there is not just one region in southern Italy. There is Sicily, Sardinia, etc.

But Puglia is different!

Bari, the largest city of Puglia, is the most beautiful place I discovered in Italy at the latest ? Bari is one of the places that I say do not come without seeing it in Italy, with its magnificent architecture and wonderful nature unique to Puglia.

Special Italian cities such as Monopoli, Polignano a Mare and Alberobello, which I mentioned at the beginning of the list, are also very close to Bari. Those who are immediately curious can find Bari from the stories I featured on my instagram account.

I’m Discovering Bari!

18. Cagliari

In Italy, the mainland and other islands are different…

I went to Sicily years ago. However, I did not have the chance to go to the island of Sardinia until i live in Brescia.

I got on the plane from Bergamo and went to Cagliari. When my friend Hazal was there, we wandered around like a local. Sardinia is as different and beautiful as any other country. How can we expect anything bad from an island in the middle of the Mediterranean anyway?

Cagliari Centrale and Me!

19. Brescia

Brescia, Brescia!

This is my home in Italy… I spent a whole year, it is a strange feeling to have a house abroad. And of course in such a beautiful Italian city…

Let’s face it, Brescia is not one of the most touristic and historical cities in Italy. But it is a very special place. Come to a Piazza della Loggia and have a look at the beauty of our town hall ?

But I think what makes Brescia Brescia is of course our castle, Castello di Brescia! The view of the city and the sunset from the castle on a hill which is uncommon in Italy, is always worth seeing…

Winter in Brescia 🙂 This Is My Second Home Come and Discover!

20. Tell Me!

That’s all from me ? I have listed the most beautiful 19 cities I recommend to visit in Italy for you, and it is up to you to determine the remaining 1 city. What would Parma be like, for example? I invite everyone who has a question or comment about places to visit in Italy to the comments section below, and I am happy to answer them all!

Now, next to your questions, I expect you to write the most beautiful city to visit in Italy, which you suggest to be included in this list as the 20th.

Map of Most Beautiful & Best Cities to Visit in Italy

I am now ending my article on places to visit in Italy along with the map. As I just mentioned, I am waiting for the 20th city that you recommend to be on the list of places to visit in Italy, in the comments section below, you can always ask your other questions. See you in another blogs, ciao ciao!

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