Good morning from Gdanks! This is a city located in the north of Poland by the Baltic Sea. Actually, I visited all the Baltic countries and I loved them very much, but they said to Gdansk that “this is Poland, you are not exactly Baltic” ?

I mean, this is Poland, but Gdansk ? I think it’s even better than Poland…

I had visited the capital Warsaw before, but now I am very excited about Gdansk, let’s see what we will see!

Gdansk, Poland

1. Discover Spirit of Gdansk: Motlawa River

Our river is Motlawa!

If I follow the Motlawa river, it means I can visit Gdansk almost completely. Because the city consists of this city and the small islands it surrounds. You should start your trip to Gdansk by understanding this city. The soul of this city is the Motlawa river! Let’s find the Gdansk sign in the photo.

Gdansk Sign and Me 🙂
Motlawa Riverside Walkway

2. Look at the Cute Pencil Houses of Gdansk

The first thing I want to tell you about Gdansk is the houses that makes the unique architecture of this city. I call them like this because I likened these houses to the pencil we know.

Although you can see similar ones in other cities of Germany and Poland in general, the ones here are more characteristic. Those slender and long, crooked, colorful houses are like pencils!

Famous Pencil Houses of Gdansk / I Found This Name 🙂
They were made adjacent to each other, this is a very impressive view. Cute shrinking top floors…

I admit that I fell in love with Gdansk after seeing the aerial view of these streets full of houses and I thought I should see it. Yes, maybe I won’t be able to see it from the air, but I will see it anyway.

These Houses Also Have Modern Ones

3. Visit Crane of Gdansk

Yes “Crane” is one of the interesting structures in Gdansk. This used to be a crane building used for loading ships. The original one has been destroyed, but I would say that the present is also worth seeing.

Visiting this crane is definitely one of the best things to do in Gdansk. Also it is right next to Motlawa River

Interesting Crane of Gdansk
The River and the Crane Look Better Here

4. Find the Black Pearl of the Pirates of the Caribbean

Just ahead of the crane you will see a nice pirate ship. This pirate ship is one of the funniest things in Gdansk in my opinion.

The ship looks like it came out of a pirates of the caribbean movie. I think one of the things you should do if you come to Gdansk is to find this ship and have a photo taken.

Black Pearl is Also Here 🙂

5. Like the Harry Potter Scene: Mariacka Street!

Mariacka at first sight became my favorite place in this city! I feel like I’m on the street where I’m going to choose a wand for Hogwarts.

“Hagrid, where do we get the wand?”

Mariacka Street and Me 🙂

In Gdansk, you can interestingly feel a slightly British air; Mysterious buildings painted in a gloomy style, small courtyards with stairs in front of the houses and magnificent artistic details…

These small courtyard houses on Mariacka Street are boutique shops! Whatever you are looking for, local products, gifts or jewellery. All meticulously furnished with excellent details. Exploring Mariacka Street is one of the best things to do in Gdansk.

From the Wonderfully Detailed Shops in Mariacka
Magnets Are So Sweet 🙂

6. Explore Long Market: “Długi Targ “

The Long Market, or Długi Targ, is a classic Polish-style market-square. I don’t know why these guys made such thin and long squares, but they did ?

As you can guess from the name, this is a long market area. There are small peddlers in the market and shops lined up along the square in general. You can see the most beautiful of the typical cute pencil houses of Gdansk that I mentioned in the Long Market. The ones here are a little more historical and have wonderful engravings.

Long Market, Gdansk

7. Don’t Forget to See Town Hall

After seeing the Gdansk Long Market, you should not forget the Gdansk Town Hall, the most eye-catching structure of the square.

Its gold-embroidered tower and legendary clock may be the city’s most magnificent structure!

The Long Market and the Magnificent Gdansk Town Hall

8. Count How Many Beautiful Gates There Are in Gdansk

There is the Golden Gate at one end of the long market, and the Green Gate at the end on the river side…

I forgot to say; Gdansk is the city of gates ?

You can often see these gates in the old city center. These are generally 2-3-storey special buildings and they have arch-shaped openings from the inside and you can enter or exit to the square from there. Especially the Golden Gate is another beautiful one, don’t miss it…

Golden Gate
Gdansk Gates: This Green Gate by the River

9. Visit The Best Museums

There are many museums to explore in Gdansk. The most important of these are the World War II Museum and the Amber Museum.

If you came to Gdansk to visit, do not return without exploring these two museums.

10. Eat Something in Gdansk’s Beautiful Cafes

There are so many nice cafes and restaurants in Gdansk. Exploring these is one of the best things to do in the city.

I came to a great boutique pancake shop called “Pan Kejk” on Long Market. There is everything about food and drink here, and you won’t believe the prices. For just 15-20 zloty I got a great sandwich, salad and unlimited coffee.

“Pakejk” Gdansk

11. Catch the Rainbow!

I’m stuck at the gate leading to the river from the Long Market, it’s raining a lot ? But a few minutes later, “the sun?”

If there are rain and sun, let the rainbow come! A rainbow appears in front of me in Gdansk. If you’re lucky, get it too!

The atmosphere of the city really changed with the sun and rainbow. Those gloomy houses have turned into bright spring colors, now it’s time to wander the streets and take photos.

It is possible to spend such an unforgettable moment without a photo?

My Gdansk Travel Tips

  • The city has a whole architecture, explore them all on foot.
  • Try the local sweet pastries.
  • Don’t miss the details at Mariacka.
  • I couldn’t, but Poland’s nightlife and beers should be tried.
  • Go to a little outside of the city and discover the different places in Gdansk.
Sometimes You Know Before You Take the Perfect Photo 🙂 My Unforgettable Gdansk and Rainbow Photo / Poland

I told you about the best things to do in Gdansk 🙂  If you have any questions please ask me I’ll answer them all, see you in next blog!

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