I’ve been traveling mostly to new destinations in Italy lately. Because I’ve been to so many places in Italy. Today I have Lake Iseo on my route. Actually, this is a local route for me. Because I have been living in Brescia, Italy for a while for my master’s degree.

When you look at Milan, Brescia and its surroundings on the map, the lakes will definitely catch your eye. Iseo, Garda, Como and Lugano are the main ones. Today I will explore Lake Iseo, originally Lago D’Iseo for you and i’ll tell you things to do, where to go, what to eat, local tips etc. Are you ready to read my travel guide about Iseo with my lovely story ?

About Lake Iseo

First of all, I should give a little information about Lake Iseo. This is a small lake in the north of Italy next to the Alps. Spreading over an area of 1770 square kilometers, the lake is especially famous for its wonderful nature.

Around Lake Iseo, there are the city of Iseo, which gave its name to the lake, and small towns such as Sulzano, Pisogne, Paratico, Presso, which stretch along its surroundings.

Beautiful Lake Iseo!

Getting to Iseo

The easiest and most enjoyable way to go to Iseo is to take the regional trains called “Regionale” in Italy. You can reach Iseo from Brescia in just 25 minutes for 3.30 euros. (you can check the times from here)

If you want to come from Milan, Venice or Florence, the first city you need to reach is Brescia. If I give an example, you can reach Iseo in 1.5-2 hours by paying 9 euros from Milan. In addition, if you have a private car, you can be on the shores of Lake Iseo in 1 hour from Milan.

Gorkem is now on the road! I sit my seat with the ticket I bought from Brescia train station for 3.30 euro ? Although it only took 20 minutes, I must say that I saw a very pleasant view along the way. Now I’m in Iseo!

My Train’ll Take Me to Iseo / Brescia Train Station

Places to See in Lake Iseo

I’m starting to explore the places to visit in Iseo. In fact, there is no need to say something like go there and see this in Iseo. Because imagine a town that will give pleasure to all the streets, and Lake Iseo…

Iseo Train Station is within 500 meters of the lake and the city center. After a 5-10 minute walk, I am fascinated by the view I see!

Lake Iseo is already a candidate to be one of the most beautiful lakes I have ever seen. Do not take it lightly ? One of the competitors in this competition is Lake Geneva…

Beautiful Street From The Station To The Lakeside

In fact, like other lakes you can see in the Alps region, this lake, which is located in the middle of the mountains that stretch perpendicular to the shore, impresses with its formation. Especially the light sun and shadows leaking through the clouds are worth seeing.

Of course, the lake is not the only beauty here ? Iseo’s calming coastline, pleasant restaurants and parks…

I See Lake Iseo First Time!

There are walking areas all along the coast, and cycling here would be great too!

If you, like me, walk straight from the Station via Via XX Septembre and Viale Repubblica, you will be in the wonderful little square I found now. There is also a small harbor on the shore of this place ? Cute boats, artistic elements in the square and colorful buildings painted with pleasure…

“Cute boats, artistic elements in the square and colorful buildings painted with pleasure…”

Lakeside Walk

I continue walking by the Iseo Lake on the walking path named “Lungolago” meaning lake front. You can see beautifully decorated restaurants, wine houses and ice cream shops here. Or how about a coffee?

In fact, when it comes to Iseo, you can’t do without an gelato. It is only 2 euros in the famous ice cream shop by the lake here ?

I’m on the Lakeside Walk
Lake Iseo

After a short walk along the coastline from north to south. My advice to you would be to use the wooden walkway built on the lake, especially on the south side of the beach. The light there, the reflections, the houses, the boats, whatever I say is insufficient… “What are we going to do, Gorkem?” You better focus on the photos in this article ?

Finally, in Iseo, I go to the square where the city hall is located. This is a typical Italian square. There are restaurants, open-air art galleries and a nice statue in the middle…

The Square with the Town Hall / Iseo

Journey to Monte Isola

Next is the journey to the heart of Lake Iseo, Monte Isola wait for me, , I’m coming!

Lake Iseo has several islands. In fact, we can only mention of Monte Isola. Other than that, the islands are very tiny. Monte Isola (Monte Island) comes from the Italian word Monte, which means mountain. I’m going to call it Monte Isola for short so there’s no confusion.

Iseo Pier / Ferries to Monte Isola Leave From Here

Ferry Ride on the Lake

Of course, the way to reach Monte Isola is by ferryboats. In fact, there is a regular ferry transportation network around Lake Iseo in general. It goes to every town and village, stopping by ? So you can reach Monte Isola from anywhere around the lake.

Actually, the closest place to the island is Sulzano, but is Iseo better for more lake trips ?

I’m Going to Monte Isola 🙂

You can buy tickets from Iseo to Monte Isola for 4 euros one way and 7 euros for a round trip. Generally, There is an average of one trip per hour during the day. You don’t even need to ask where the ferry leaves from ? It’s impossible not to see it!

I’m on my way to Monte Island! By the way, I must have forgotten to mention that today I have friends Sophie and Silvia with me from Brescia. We are a bit lucky that Silvia was born and lived near Iseo Lake.

Iseo Lake and Steep Slopes

A Wonderful View of Lake Iseo

Cruising on Lake Iseo by ferry is the best moment for me today! When we get the chance to get to the front of the ferry, don’t let anything hurt your mood. Especially considering my lack of sea in Brescia, Iseo seemed like a rehabilitation to me.

We are Approaching Monte Isola 🙂

Monte Isola: Things to Do

After a journey of around 20 minutes, we approach the Sensole Pier in the southwest of Monte Isola. Let me tell you from the beginning, don’t expect anything other than nature from this island!

But you can expect a lot about nature ? Because green walking paths, bird sounds are incredible!

Places to visit on the island are on the Peschiera Maraglio side. We start walking towards there. The circumference of the island is around 6-7 kilometers in total, my advice is to take a complete tour, also don’t worry about the return, you can use the pier on the other side of the island.

Island Walkway

Maybe Rent a Little Boat For “Isola di San Paolo”

While walking, the small island “Isola di San Paolo” that I mentioned attracts my attention. This is a very boutique place with only one building. Seeing from afar seems like the best option.

If you want to go, I think the only option is to rent a boat, if you give 15-20 euros to a boatman, I’m sure he will take you away.

İsola di San Paolo

Monte Isola – Peschiera

We arrive at Peschiera Maraglio at the southeast end of Monte Isola. The scenery here is better than I expected ? It reminded me a bit of the Greek Islands, but we are in Italy, in the middle of Europe 🙂 Think of houses with a little more yellow and orange colors.

This part of the island is great for a rest, get a snack or a drink. I even saw places under the trees that look like a picnic! And of course I chose it ?

Peschiera Maraglio / Monte Isola

What to Eat and Drink?

We thought of having a nice wine break. Prices are also very reasonable, we paid only 7 euros for a half liter of local wine. Good enough for the three of us, just a little wine tasting. The name of the place is La Playa Del Sol, I can recommend it to those who will come.

There are also nice cafes where you can experience all kinds of Italian coffee. If you are in Italy, I guess I don’t need to say pizza, pasta and ice cream ?

Enjoying Wine in Monte Isola 🙂

Walking on Lake Iseo was Possible!

Finally, there is one more thing I want to mention. It is a bit interesting, but if I had come here 6 years ago, I think I would have been able to walk to Monte Isola from Sulzano ?

The Italians built a floating walking way on the island for a short time in order to increase the tourist interest here. Let me add a photo of you, maybe they will do it again, why not?

The Iseo Lake Walking Way That I Mentioned

Now, It seems i have completed the places to visit in Monte Isola and Lake Iseo. This time I will take the ferry from Maraglio. Since it was evening, the surroundings became even more beautiful. After a boat trip that I enjoyed watching around, I reached Iseo!

A wonderful view was waiting for me in Iseo…

Evening and Lake View

Lake Iseo Travel Tips + Things Must Do!

  • Take a walk by the lake
  • Don’t forget to try ice cream at Iseo
  • Definitely sit outside and watch on your way to Monte Isola
  • Rent a bike or canoe if you have the time and opportunity.
  • Trekking and hiking can be done anywhere around the lake, try it.
  • Is it okay to try the wines too?
  • Explore other towns around Iseo lake
Going Back To The Iseo Town 

This is end of my Iseo travel guide. I came here with a plan to spend a pleasant day more than a trip, and I will come more often. There are many places to visit around Iseo, especially Sulzano. I’m thinking of making small additions for those in the future. Also, not to forget Lake Garda.

If you have any questions please ask me! I answer all! I’m going back to Brescia for now, have a good day with lots of smiles ?

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