The Gorgeous Way respects your privacy rights, which are becoming more and more important on the Internet.

  1. Websites keep some logs based on your logins as standard. These records contain routine information such as your ip address, your browser information, your operating system and which pages you have visited. These records are not used in any way other than to provide various statistical information. This information is not matched with any name, etc. and care is taken for your personal privacy.
  2. You may find advertisements on the site. These advertisements may contain what we call cookies or cookies, and the advertising company may collect these cookies. This is an application of the institution that displays advertisements completely outside the our website, this kind of data is not collected in Glorious Way.
  3. In general, a cookie and a cookie is a simple text file that the server saves. This can be used for you readers to have a better experience. This is happening with your permission and you can prevent this situation by changing the settings in your internet browser.
  4. The Glorious Way website may contain various external links to articles that may be useful to you. Glorious Way does not take any responsibility from these links.

Providing you with a safe internet and travel experience is Glorious Way’s most important privacy policy 🙂