Hello everyone! Today i will tell you how to send money from Austria to Turkey. International money transfer is often a complicated process. I know there are many options on this issue, most of them confuse you, so Gorkem gets to work…

As someone who has lived in Europe for a year, I am also experienced in money transfer. With all this information, I am starting to answer all your questions such as how we can send money from Austria to Turkey, how we can make swift to bank account , which way is the best, cheapest and fastest!

How to Send Money From the Austria to Turkey?

In fact, sending money from Austria to Turkey is not a big deal. Nowadays, it can be done online in a few minutes. However, the thing here is that some issues such as transfer fees, commissions, security. That’s why I’m going to tell you all the options for sending money from Austria to Turkey one by one so you decide!

1. by Making Bank Transfer to Turkey from Austria (Swift to IBAN)

You know how we make EFT to IBAN online? It is also possible to do this from Austria to Turkey. However, when there is a transfer in foreign currency, it is called swift. So it’s no different than a regular bank transfer.

Making Swift actually works like a regular EFT in principle. You can easily send your money to the account you want through your own online banking system. In international banking, you need to send with the Swift code, which is also called the BIC code. This swift code is a code determined according to the bank of the receiving account you are sending to. I am listing the swift codes of known banks for you below.

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BIC (Swift) Codes of Banks in Turkey;

Ziraat Bank: TCZBTR2A, Vakifbank: TVBATR2A, Halkbank: TRHBTR2A, Akbank: AKBKTRIS, Turkish Is Bank: ISBKTRIS, Yapi Kredi Bank: YAPITRISXXX, Denizbank: DENITRIS, Garanti BBVA: TGBATRIS, QNB Finansbank: FNNBTRIS, ING Bank: INGBTRIS

How Long Does it Take to Swift from Austria to Turkey?: When you make a swift, the money is usually transferred to the receiving account within 1-3 business days.

How Much Is The Swift Fee From Austria To Turkey?: This is something that varies from bank to bank. However, usually the fee is between 10-20 euros.

2. by Using Online Money Transfer

I will tell you another money transfer method that has been very popular lately. You can make international money transfers online with online money transfer companies. This is one of the best ways to send money.

All of these companies actually work similarly. You sign up to their site and deposit your money here, and then they transfer it from their internal system to the account in the receiving country. The most important advantage of online companies is that they can provide instant transfers. Additionally, commission and transfer fees are lower than banks.

How to send money to Turkey in 4 simple steps?

  • First, sign up to their website,
  • Enter the information and IBAN number of the person you want to send money to,
  • Easily pay by credit card or bank transfer to the website,
  • They will quickly transfer the money to receiving bank account.

Companies that you can transfer online from Austria to Turkey;

Transfer Wise ( Wise )

It is one of the well-known money transfer companies in the world, which has agreements with banks in Turkey. Transactions in this company usually vary between 5-30 euros depending on the amount. With wise, you can send instant money from Austria to Turkey.

Western Union

Western Union is another online money transfer company. They can transfer on same day, but the prices are a bit higher. Other companies;

  • Transfer Go,
  • Money Gram,
  • ParaGonder.com,
  • PTT (UPT) Service

3. Transferring Money to Turkey with Turkish Banks in Austria

Another option; you can send money to Turkey using Turkish Banks in Austria. These banks usually offer the chance to transfer money to Turkey directly within themselves.

Sending Money from Austria to Turkey with Isbank: İsbank has a branch in Vienna. You can transfer money directly to Turkey with a fee of 5-10 euros through this bank. You can also do this in cash. With this transaction, your money reaches Turkey quickly.

Sending Money from Austria to Turkey with Vakifbank: Another bank that has a branch in Austria is Vakifbank AG. You can also transfer money to Turkey with advantageous prices through Vakifbank.

4. Carrying Cash from Austria to Turkey

It only takes a few hours to fly from Austria to Turkey ? You can carry your money with you free of charge by plane or car from Austria to Turkey.

In the meantime, let me remind you that you cannot carry more than 10,000 euros with you. To carry money over this amount, you have to make a declaration to the customs police.

5. Sending Money from Austria to Turkey with Cryptocurrency

There are also cryptocurrencies today. In other words, we have the opportunity to transfer money from Austria to Turkey using cryptocurrencies. The most advantageous aspect of cryptocurrencies in money transfer is that you can transfer in a few seconds. You can also carry it with you in cold wallets.

However, I must remind you that if you are going to transfer with crypto money, you must comply with the law.

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Fees & Charges & Rates

Bank Transfer (Swift) Fees: It depends on the bank. However, it has an average fee of 10-25 euros. If the amount increases, 1-2% commission may be charged

Fees for Sending Money with Turkish Banks: You can also send with Turkish Banks in Vienna and the fee will be 5-10 euros on average.

Fees of Online Money Transfer: They usually offer the most advantageous prices, which can vary between 5-20 euros.

Transfer Fee with Cryptocurrency: You can transfer with only 1-2% commission. In some cases, you may not even have to pay anything, pay attention to security!

What is the Fastest & Best Way to Send Money from Austria to Turkey?

  • Best Way to Send Money: Using online transfer companies or bank swift.
  • Cheapest Way to Send Money: Using online transfer companies.
  • The Fastest Way to Send Money: Using online transfer companies or Turkish Banks.
  • The Safest Way to Send Money: Making bank transfer to Turkey from Austria (swift)

How can I send money from Turkey to Austria?

All the money transfer methods I have written in this article are of course also valid for sending money from Turkey to Austria. However, the only difference in Turkey is that sending via a bank branch may not be very advantageous. Other than that, same process.

Important Info About Sending Money from Austria to Turkey

  • We are dealing with money, be ultra careful!
  • You must enter the correct IBAN of the receiving person you will send money to.
  • If you are going to transfer money frequently, choose the best way for you.
  • The issue of security is very important!
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FAQs About Sending Money to Turkey

What is a Good Exchange Rate for Sending Money to the Turkey from Austria?

A commission of around 1% is not bad. You should check the current exchange rates.

How Long Does it Take to Send Money from Austria to Turkey?

Money transfers are now instantaneous. However, if you are going to do it as a bank transfer, it will reach in 1-2 business days.

Can I Transfer Money From Euro Account to TRY (Turkish Lira) Account?

With online transfer companies, it is possible to send money from any currency to any currency.

I tried to explain all about money transfer from Austria to Turkey. I hope it helps you ? However, you should not forget that what is written here is advice and information, you are responsible for your transactions ? If you have any questions, you can ask them, have a nice day everyone!

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