If I ask you which country comes to mind first when money is mentioned, I think you would answer Switzerland ? Because this country is almost the bank of the world. This means that how to send money from Switzerland to Turkey is a very important issue.

I also made money transfer transactions to Turkey when I was living in Europe. Now I will explain to you one by one the best, fastest and most reliable ways to send money from Switzerland to Turkey with my own experience, let’s get started!

How to Send Money From the Switzerland to Turkey?

Sending money from Switzerland in general is not much different from a standard bank transfer. However, it can be a bit confusing as there are varying prices and different options. The most important issue here is to transfer money in the most convenient and cheapest way. That’s why I’m listing different options for sending money from Switzerland to Turkey one by one;

1. by Making Bank Transfer to Turkey from Switzerland (Swift to IBAN)

I think the first option that will come to mind for me and many others would be to make a bank transfer first. However, bank transfers made in different currencies are called swift in terminology. In other words, when making a bank transfer from Switzerland to Turkey, you will have made a swift.

This swift transaction is actually no different from the EFT transaction you do every day. By entering the receiver information through your personal internet branch, you can easily make an your transfer to Turkey. The only difference is that this transaction is done in Turkish Lira or Euros.

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How Long Does it Take to Swift from Switzerland to Turkey?: Swift transactions from Switzerland to Turkey are usually transferred to the receiver’s bank account within 1-2 business days. So it’s a little long

How Much Is The Swift Fee From Switzerland To Turkey?: The fees for making swifts from Switzerland are around 15-40 euros on average.

When making Swift transactions, in addition to EFT transactions, you also need Swift codes called BIC. This swift code is determined according to the bank where the receiver has an account.

BIC (Swift) Codes of Banks in Turkey;

Ziraat Bank: TCZBTR2A, Vakifbank: TVBATR2A, Halkbank: TRHBTR2A, Akbank: AKBKTRIS, Turkish Is Bank: ISBKTRIS, Yapi Kredi Bank: YAPITRISXXX, Denizbank: DENITRIS, Garanti BBVA: TGBATRIS, QNB Finansbank: FNNBTRIS, ING Bank: INGBTRIS

2. by Using Online Money Transfer to Turkey

You must have seen the logos of some of these companies while browsing the internet or in banks. You can also send money from Switzerland to Turkey with online money transfer companies. You can find dozens of these companies online.

Since all of the companies that provide this service work in a similar operation order, I would like to tell you all of them together. Usually, you first sign up for their websites and pay this company by entering the receivers information. They transfer your money for you! The biggest advantage of online money transfer companies is that they send money instantly. In addition, since they generally work online-based, money transfer fees can be more cheaper than banks.

Transfer Wise ( Wise )

One of the best known companies in this area. They usually have agreements with official banks and transactions are carried out quickly. It is possible to transfer money between Switzerland and Turkey with Wise company. This company also stands out by offering more competitive prices.

Western Union

Another big company in this area is Western Union. However, money transfer charges may be slightly higher than other companies. Other companies;

  • Transfer Go,
  • Money Gram,
  • ParaGonder.com,
  • PTT (UPT) Service
Representative Euro Photo / You Can Also Send Money to Turkey with Euro

3. Carrying Money from Switzerland to Turkey

Switzerland is a few hours away from Turkey if we take a plane. I lived in Lombardy for a while and I was very close to Switzerland 🙂

However, carrying money this way has security risks and you are only allowed to carry a maximum of 10,000 euros or the equivalent of Swiss francs. For amounts more than this, you need to declare your money to the customs police.

4. Sending Money with Cryptocurrencies

You can also use Cryptocurrency systems when sending money from Switzerland to Turkey. This method stands out especially because it is fast and affordable. You can easily transfer with any of the cryptocurrencies. This is not a method that many people usually think of.

However, this system also carries some risks. It is very important that you use legal and reliable companies that comply with EU and Turkish laws, you should be careful.

Fees & Charges & Commissions

Bank Transfer (Swift) Fees: Banking services are generally a bit expensive in Switzerland. You may have to pay an average transaction fee of 20-50 euros. In addition, a charges can be made on the receiving account according to its own bank.

Fees of Online Money Transfer: It offers the cheapest money transfer!. It will usually cost between 8-40 euros. You can also trade directly between Swiss Franc and Turkish Lira.

What is the Best, Most Convenient Way to Send Money from Switzerland to Turkey?

Cheapest Way to Send Money: Using online transfer companies.

The Fastest Way to Send Money: Using online transfer companies.

Best Way to Send Money: Using online transfer companies or bank swift.

How can I transfer money from Turkey to Switzerland?

All of the methods I have written here will be valid for money transfer transactions to be made from Turkey to Switzerland. Prices are generally similar, but swift fees may be a little more cheaper at Turkish banks.

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FAQs About Sending Money to Turkey

How Long Does it Take to Transfer Money from Switzerland to Turkey?

As I explained in detail above, this process can be instant in some methods, but it takes 1-3 days on average.

Can I Send Money From Swiss Frach (CHF) Account to TRY (Turkish Lira) Account?

With online transfer companies, it is possible to send money from any currency to any currency.

That’s all! ? If you have any questions, please ask me. While sending money from Switzerland to Turkey, what I wrote is purely advisory and I do not take any responsibility ? Please do careful and safe transactions, love!

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