When talking about Scandinavian countries, it is impossible not to talk about money ? Because these countries, especially Denmark, are known for their high living quality and wealth. This means that how to send money from Denmark to Turkey is an issue that needs to be known.

I live in Europe for a year and had to deal with money transfer transactions for a while. Now I will explain to you one by one how you can send money from Denmark to Turkey in the best, fastest, cheapest and at the same time safe ways with my personal experience!

Transfer Money to Turkey From Denmark!

Sending money from Denmark to Turkey is not such a difficult process in today’s technology. You can even do this in seconds. The important thing is to know well which ways to use, because there are so many confusing articles and information on this subject. But now I will objectively interpret all the options one by one for you and start to show you how we can send money in the best way.

1. Making Bank Transfer from Denmark to Turkey with Swift

Of course, the first preferred method when sending money from Denmark to Turkey should be bank transfer. You can easily send money from official banks in Denmark to an IBAN in Turkey. Since this transaction is international and proceeds in foreign currency, it is called a swift transaction.

Swift and EFT are two very similar transactions. The biggest difference with Swift is that transferring is completed in 1-3 business days. So it can be said that it is a little slow. In addition, banks may charge an extra fee of 10-30 euros for swift transactions. Especially in a rich country like Denmark, these fees will not be low at all. You also need the BIC code to send money from Denmark to Turkey.

It’s Me! & Denmark or Sweden?

BIC (Swift) Codes of Banks in Turkey;

Ziraat Bank: TCZBTR2A, Vakifbank: TVBATR2A, Halkbank: TRHBTR2A, Akbank: AKBKTRIS, Turkish Is Bank: ISBKTRIS, Yapi Kredi Bank: YAPITRISXXX, Denizbank: DENITRIS, Garanti BBVA: TGBATRIS, QNB Finansbank: FNNBTRIS, ING Bank: INGBTRIS

2. by Using Online Money Transfer & Step by Step

Nowadays, everything has become the internet! Can we transfer money from Denmark to Turkey online? The answer is yes we can. In fact, there are online money transfer companies established just for this purpose. You can find many of these companies online. I think this is the best way to send money to Turkey!

In fact, the working procedures of all of them can be said to be similar to each other. The biggest advantage in transactions with these companies is that the transaction takes place very quickly. In addition, money transfer fees may be more affordable than banks. For example, a fee of 5-30 euros may be charged for a transfer of 1000 euros.

How to send money to Turkey in 4 simple steps?

  • Sign up for their site online,
  • Enter the receiving information to send money to, IBAN etc,
  • Then you transfer your money to the system online by credit card, debit card or bank transfer,
  • The system makes a bank transfer to the receiver person very quickly.

Transfer Wise ( Wise )

Wise one of the best companies in money transfer. They usually offer the lowest fees and can make instant money transfers. You can choose Wise to send money from Denmark to Turkey.

Western Union

Another well-known company is Western Union. Prices may be a little more expensive. They can transfer instantly. Other companies;

  • Transfer Go,
  • Money Gram,
  • ParaGonder.com,
  • PTT (UPT) Service

3. Carrying Cash from Denmark to Turkey

If you want to send money to Turkey from Denmark, you can actually do it yourself. I mean, if you already have a planned trip to Turkey, you can bring your money to Turkey by plane.

This will be free of charge for you ? However, keep in mind that carrying cash can have security risks, you will also have to declare a cash amount over 10,000 euros or its equivalent Danish Krone to customs officers at airports.

Representative Euro Photo / You Can Sending Money to Turkey with Euro

4. by Transferring with Cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrencies can also be used to send money from Denmark to Turkey! Since these transactions can be performed instantly, this system has become very popular. In addition, the commission fees will be quite low. You can also carry it with a cold wallet, etc.

Let me warn you to make transactions through safe and official intermediary institutions in accordance with EU and TR laws, you should research this issue well!

Fees & Commissions for Money Transfer

Bank Transfer (Swift) Fees: These fees are a bit high in Denmark, it varies from bank to bank, but you will have to pay an additional fee of 10-30 EUR on average.

Fees of Online Money Transfer: You have to pay an average of 5-20 euros for transfer to these companies. Usually they will offer one level more cheap prices.

Cryptocurrency Transfer Fee: There is a possibility to transfer cryptocurrencies even for free, but if you already have a cryptocurrency deposit, this will be valid. In addition, some countries may legally impose taxes.

What is the Best and Fastest Way to Transfer Money from Denmark to Turkey?

Best Way to Send Money: Using online transfer companies or bank swift

Cheapest Way to Send Money: Using online transfer companies.

The Fastest Way to Send Money: Using online transfer companies.

Important Info About Moving Money from Denmark to Turkey

  • Enter your receiver information correctly, this transaction may be irreversible.
  • Security risks are your own, please research well and take care of your personal security (phone, notebook, etc.).
  • Decide whether to use Danish Krone or Euro for transfer.
  • Decide according to the commission fees calculated according to the amount you have, because sometimes this situation can change.
From the Streets of Copenhagen / Denmark

How can I send money from Turkey to Denmark?

Do I need to tell you one by one? ? I don’t think so because all the methods here are also valid for sending money to Denmark. Transferring costs from Turkey may even be relatively cheaper.

FAQs About Sending Money to Turkey

How Long Does it Take to Transfer Money from Denmark to Turkey?

This process will vary depending on the way you choose. You can do it instantly, or within 2-3 working days.

Can I Send Money From Danish Krona (DKK) Account to TRY (Turkish Lira) Account?

With online transfer companies, it is possible to send money from any currency to any currency. You can also send in euros.

I have explained one by one how to send money from Denmark to Turkey. If you have a specific question, please feel free to ask. Also, let me remind you that what I wrote here is only a recommendation, the responsibility is yours, so act carefully ? I think you should also read my glorious travel notes, I’ve been to almost every place in Europe, have a good trip to everyone!

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