Hello to everyone! Today I’m going to talk about “sending money from Germany to Turkey”. As we all know, millions of Turkish citizens live in Germany. There is also a strong business volume between Turkey and Germany. That’s why, It is very important that we learn in detail how to send money to Turkey.

As someone who has lived in Europe, I know best ways about sending money to Turkey because I had to use it frequently. Now I will list you one by one the best, cheapest and fastest ways of money transfer and bank transfer from Germany to Turkey. Also, today’s cryptocurrencies are also included in these options ? so money talks in this topic.

Transfer Money From the Germany to Turkey

First of all, sending money from Germany to Turkey is actually not as difficult as you might think. In today’s world, sending money internationally is a process that takes minutes for some methods. However, when it comes to sending money to a different country, abroad ? it can be a bit costly. Therefore, it is important that you choose the most suitable one among the different money transfer options.

1. Making Bank Transfer to Turkey from Germany (Swift to IBAN)

Making a swift from Germany to Turkey is the first way to send money. Bank transfers made in foreign currency are also called “swift”. Since a bank transfer will be made in euro and Turkish lira currency from Germany and therefore, you can send money from Germany to Turkey by making a swift transfer.

Swift transaction is a system that works entirely like EFT. You can send money directly from your bank account in any country through your online sytem. I can actually say that it is the most preferred way because it is an easy process. But it’s a little expensive 🙂 And when making swift, you need the swift codes of the banks of the country you will send to;

I am Cycling to Bank in Berlin!

How Long Does it Take to Swift from Germany to Turkey?: Usually, the money is transferred to receiving account in 2-3 business days, except holidays.

How Much Is The Swift Fee From Germany To Turkey? :Swift fees vary from bank to bank. Generally, the sending bank is separate, the bank of the incoming account receives a separate commission. On average, there is a fixed fee of 10-25 euros. In addition, if the amount of money sent is high, a commission of 1-5% may be requested.

Note: You can also make swift transfers to Turkey from Sparkasse Bank in this way.

BIC (Swift) Codes of Banks in Turkey;

Ziraat Bank: TCZBTR2A, Vakifbank: TVBATR2A, Halkbank: TRHBTR2A, Akbank: AKBKTRIS, Turkish Is Bank: ISBKTRIS, Yapi Kredi Bank: YAPITRISXXX, Denizbank: DENITRIS, Garanti BBVA: TGBATRIS, QNB Finansbank: FNNBTRIS, ING Bank: INGBTRIS

2. Sending Money to Turkey with Turkish Banks in Germany

Sending Money from Germany to Turkey with Ziraat Bank: Now there is another easy way to send money from Germany to Turkey. As you know, Turkish Ziraat Bank has branches in Germany under the name of Ziraat Bank AG. If you go to these branches, you can easily transfer money to Turkey without any account etc. All you have to do is go to a Ziraat Bank AG branch in Germany and send money to Turkey!

Sending Money from Germany to Turkey with Isbank: Likewise, you can easily make money transfers to Turkey by visiting the branches of Turkish Is Bank in Germany. Isbank has an average fee of 4-10 euros for this money transfer. This process takes place in a very short time.

3. Online Money Transfer & Step by Step

One of the best ways to send money from Germany to Turkey is to use online transfer companies. There are many companies that you can find this way. Their biggest advantage is that they can send money instantly and at the same time, they charge very low fees.

How to send money to Turkey in 4 simple steps?

  • First of all, you sign up for their site online,
  • You enter the receiving information to send money to, IBAN etc,
  • Then you transfer your money to the system online by credit card, debit card or bank transfer,
  • The system makes a bank transfer to the receiver person very quickly.

Transfer Wise ( Wise )

The most well-known company in money transferring is Wise. Since it works more online-based, the sending fees usually vary between 5-20 euros. So it’s pretty cheap. Also, money transfer is instant.

Western Union

Another of the most well-known companies in sending money. It also has agreements with most banks in Turkey. Transfer fee with Western Union usually varies between 10-50 euros depending on the amount, transactions usually take place on the same day. Other companies;

  • Transfer Go,
  • Money Gram,
  • ParaGonder.com,
  • PTT (UPT) Service

4. Carrying Cash from Germany to Turkey

If you do not want to send money to Turkey through any company or by bank transfer. You can also carry cash with you while traveling directly to Turkey. Of course, there is no fee for this process…

However, I must remind you that you can carry a maximum of 10,000 euros with you when carrying cash to Turkey. If you are traveling with more money than this amount, you have to declare it to the customs police. Also, care should be taken as carrying large amounts of money will be a risky method.

Representative Euro Photo / Sending Money to Turkey with Euro

5. Sending Money from Germany to Turkey with Cryptocurrency

I don’t know if this title exists on other sites! However, you can also transfer money from Germany to Turkey with cryptocurrencies, one of today’s innovative payment systems. It is possible to transfer from Germany to Turkey with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Tether, etc. cryptocurrencies.

The biggest advantage of these transfers is that they take place very quickly and the transfer costs are very low. However, there is one thing I should warn you about. Cryptocurrencies are newly regulated by countries, laws are being made. That’s why I recommend that you take action from trusted institutions that have official permission and approval while doing this.

Fees & Charges for Sending Money from Germany to Turkey

Bank Transfer (Swift) Fees: Although it varies according to the bank, there is an average fee of 10-25 euros. A commission deduction of 1-5% can be taken. In addition, not only the sending bank, but also the bank where the money is receiving can make deductions.

Fees for Sending Money with Turkish Banks: You can transfer money to Turkey for an average of 5-10 Euros from Turkish Banks in Germany.

Fees of Online Money Transfer: They usually charge a fee of 8-30 euros, depending on the amount. They stand out as the cheapest way of sending money.

What is the Cheapest and Fastest Way to Send Money from Germany to Turkey?

Cheapest Way to Send Money:Using online transfer companies or Turkish Banks in Germany.

The Fastest Way to Send Money: Using online transfer companies or Turkish Banks in Germany.

The Safest Way to Send Money: Making bank transfer to Turkey from Germany (swift)

Best Way to Send Money: Using online transfer companies or bank swift.

Things to Pay Attention! When Moving Money from Germany to Turkey

  • Make sure you make a secure transaction!
  • Choose the transfer option that suits you best.
  • Make sure that you enter the correct IBAN, etc. information to which you will send money.
  • If you send money frequently, pay more attention to commission fees.

How can I send money from Turkey to Germany?

This article includes sending money from Germany to Turkey ? But in the end, this is a money transfer between Germany and Turkey, so you can send money to Germany by all means written here and vice versa.

I’m on European Roads! You don’t even Need to Leave the home to Send Money 🙂

FAQs About Transferring Money to Turkey

How Long Does it Take to Transfer Money from Germany to Turkey?

Money transfer from Germany to Turkey takes between 1-3 days, with the shortest 3-5 minutes.

Can I Send Money From Euro Account to TRY (Turkish Lira) Account?

With online transfer companies, it is possible to send money from any currency to any currency.

What is Required to Send Money?

In order to send money, sender information, identity, bank account and money are required ?

That’s all 🙂 I tried to explain all the options as best I could. Which one you choose and the responsibility is up to you. Everything I write here contains basic information only. If you have any questions about the subject, please do not hesitate to write to me, love to all of you!

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