Hello to everyone! United Kingdom and Turkey are actually two countries with large trade volume and frequent exchange of currencies. That’s why I’m sure that the issue of sending money from the UK to Turkey is very important. Since I lived in Europe for a while, I also carried out these transactions from time to time.

Now, with my own experience, I will tell you how to transfer money from England to Turkey in the fastest and cheapest ways, also in the safest ways. (also best ways 🙂 )

Sending Money to Turkey from UK

Sending money from the UK to Turkey is actually not a complicated process. However, there are different money transfer ways you can choose from. These different sending options have different fees and transfer times. Now let’s take a look at them one by one!

1. Making Bank Transfer to Turkey from United Kingdom (Swift)

They say the first thing that comes to mind is the best idea! In other words, you can send money to Turkey by transferring from a bank account in England. It is called “swift” in Bank terminology.

Swift transactions are usually completed within 1-3 business days, and banks charge an average of 10-50 pounds of swift fee. You will also need the bank’s swift code along with the receiving IBAN number when sending money.

Representative Sterling Photo / Sending Money to Turkey with Pound

How Long Does it Take to Swift from UK to Turkey?: Usually, the money is delivered to the receiving account in 2-3 business days, except for holidays.

How Much Is The Swift Fee From UK To Turkey? : Swift fees vary from bank to bank. Generally, the sending bank and the bank of the incoming account get commission separately. Bank transfer (swift) fees are 10-30 pounds on average.

What Bank Details are Needed to Transfer Money to Turkey?: Name of the person receiving money, IBAN number and Swift code of the bank.

(BIC) Swift Codes of Banks in Turkey

Ziraat Bank: TCZBTR2A, Vakifbank: TVBATR2A, Halkbank: TRHBTR2A, Akbank: AKBKTRIS, Turkish Is Bank: ISBKTRIS, Yapi Kredi Bank: YAPITRISXXX, Denizbank: DENITRIS, Garanti BBVA: TGBATRIS, QNB Finansbank: FNNBTRIS, ING Bank: INGBTRIS

2. by Using Online Money Transfer & Step by Step Explained

You can also use online money transfer companies when transferring money from the UK to Turkey. With these companies, you can send money online in a few minutes. Their biggest advantage is that they’re pretty fast and have relatively low transfer commissions. This is one of the best ways to send money.

How to send money to Turkey in 4 simple steps?

  • First, sign up to their website,
  • Enter the information and IBAN number of the person you want to send money to,
  • Easily pay by credit card or bank transfer to the website,
  • They will quickly transfer the money to receiving bank account.

Companies that you can transfer online from United Kingdom to Turkey;

Wise (Transfer Wise)

One of the best companies to send money online. They send your money pretty quickly. Also, the fees are quite low. They also has various agreements with banks in Turkey.

Western Union

Another of the most well-known companies in sending money. It also has agreements with most banks in Turkey. Transfer fee with Western Union usually varies between 10-50 euros depending on the amount, transactions usually take place on the same day.

Other companies;

  • Transfer Go,
  • Money Gram,
  • ParaGonder.com,
  • PTT (UPT) Service

3. Sending Money to Turkey with Turkish Banks in England

There are two Turkish banks with branches in England, Ziraat Bank and Türkiye Is Bank. You can easily transfer money from these two banks to Turkey. Just go to the branches of Isbank or Ziraat Bank in London and send your money to the account you want with cash after taking your turn!

In such transfers, banks can complete the transaction in a few minutes. In addition, both Ziraat and Isbank charge an average of 5-10 pounds for transfers from England to Turkey in this way.

4. Transfer Money from UK to Turkey with Cryptocurrency

If the UK is one of the financial center countries, it means we can send money to Turkey with cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrencies are already everywhere ? So you have the opportunity to send free of charge, but if you do not have a crypto currency, you may have to pay an average of 1-2% commission fee for trading.

In crypto money transactions, I recommend that you act in accordance with EU, UK and TC laws and make transactions from legal, authorized and reliable sites, please be careful!

5. by Carrying Cash from United Kingdom to Turkey

If you are thinking of moving your money from England to Turkey for free, here is the free method for you ? Get on the plane, and go to Turkey and your money will be carried with you!

However, this method may carry a risk of theft issues. In addition, you can carry a maximum amount of 10,000 euros and its equivalent in British pounds. For amounts more than this amount, you need to make a notification at the customs.

London Bank Station

How Much Does it Cost to Transfer Money to Turkey?

Bank Transfer (Swift) Fees: British banks can charge an average swift fee of 10-50 pounds from swift transactions to Turkey. Of course, this may vary depending on your bank.

Fees of Online Money Transfer: Online money transfer companies may offer slightly more reasonable transfer commissions, but you’ll still need to pay between £5-30.

Transfer Fee with Cryptocurrency: You will need to pay a commission of 1-2 percent for crypto money transfers.

What is the Best Way to Send Money from UK to Turkey?

Best Way to Send Money: Using online transfer companies or bank swift.

Cheapest Way to Send Money Turkey: Using online transfer companies.

The Fastest Way to Send Money: Using online transfer companies.

The Safest Way to Send Money to Turkey: Making bank transfer to Turkey from United Kingdom (swift)

Things to Pay Attention!

  • Make sure you have a safe transaction.
  • Choose the most convenient way for you.
  • If you make frequent transfers, try to find the best commission rates.
  • Enter receiving information carefully and correctly when sending money.

How can I transfer money from Turkey to UK?

This article includes sending money from the UK to Turkey ? But in the end, this is a money transfer between the UK and Turkey, so you can send money to the UK by all means written here and vice versa.

I’m on European Roads! You don’t even Need to Leave the Home to Send Money from UK 🙂

FAQs About Sending Money to Turkey

What is a Good Exchange Rate for Sending Money to the Turkey from UK?

A commission of around 1% is not bad. You should check the current exchange rates.

How Long Does it Take to Send Money from England to Turkey?

Usually, money transfer transactions between England and Turkey take between 1 and 3 working days. There is also a chance to send it online in a few minutes.

Can I Transfer Money From Sterling Account to TRY (Turkish Lira) Account?

With online transfer companies, it is possible to send money from any currency to any currency.

Well, I have explained how to send money from UK to Turkey. If you have any specific questions, please ask me in the comment section and I will answer all of them. Let me remind you; What I wrote here is for informational purposes, you still research it and it’s your responsibility ? best wishes!

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